Blossom Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil for Pets


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Blosson Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is a premium quality CBD oil for pets. It’s made entirely from hemp-based CBD, so there’s no risk of THC contamination. It does not contain and added colours, preservatives, or fillers. This is one of the best hemp-based CBD oils available in Canada. It is available in varied dose sizes, for small breed, medium breed, or large breed dogs.

Blosson Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is commonly used for a variety of ailments. This includes anxiety from from travel, fireworks, or even separation anxiety. CBD oil is known to help reduce stress and anxiety, leaving your pet feeling calmer. It is also commonly used for joint and mobility problems, pain management, skin and coat irritations, and more. This formula is available in the following sizes:


  • Medium breed (300 mg)
  • Medium Breed (1200 mg)
  • Large breed (600 mg)
  • Large breed (1200 mg)

What is the difference between Full Spectrum Hemp Oil and CBD Isolate?

Full spectrum hemp oil, as opposed to an “isolate,” utilizes the entire hemp plant in its distillation, and retains hundreds of active and beneficial compounds including over 100 Cannabinoids, vitamins and minerals, omega 3 fatty acids, and Terpenes naturally found in hemp. Full spectrum can also be referred to as a “whole plant extract.”

An “Isolate,” on the other hand, removes all of the healthy nutrients and other naturally occurring Cannabinoids, leaving only CBD.

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Trial Size 50 MG, Cat & Small Breed 100 MG, Cat & Small Breed 400 MG, Medium Breed 300 MG, Medium Breed 1200 MG, Large Breed 600 MG, Large Breed 2400 MG


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